Self-adhered modified roofing systems are designed to protect low-slope roofs using adhesive membranes that are easy to install, yet do the job for decades. These roofs combine asphalt and other rubber compounds to yield a unique and durable roofing system that’s typically applied in multiple layers.


  • Environmentally friendly as the materials do not contain volatile organic compounds
  • No pungent fumes, torches, hot mopping, or solvent adhesive systems accompany the installation
  • Simple process reduces installation time and saves on upfront labor costs
  • Self-adhered modified roofing is a time-tested technology, and years of building science research and development has improved formulations to improve durability and bond strength
  • Comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses, you can also layer membranes for enhanced waterproofing
  • Material manufacturers often include warranties with an installation
  • The cap sheet, or top layer, is highly reflective and can help improve energy efficiency
  • The materials are also fire resistant


Self-adhered modified roof systems are typically installed in two or three layers, which reduces leak risk as compared to a single-layer installation. The first layer, a nail base or ply layer, is adhered to the structure. Then, (in a 2-ply system) a cap sheet is installed, which is a mix of materials that offer reflectivity, fire resistance and leak protection. In a 3-ply system, a middle layer is added for further leak protection.

Flintlastic® SA

Flintlastic SA is our workhorse self-adhered cap sheet, designed to be the final layer in a Flintlastic SA roof system. The Flintlastic SA portfolio is composed of high-performance, self-adhered SBS modified roofing products including NailBase, PlyBase, MidPly, Cap, Cap FR (fire resistant). Flintlastic SA cap is available in twelve colors and CoolStar® highly reflective granules.The Flintlastic SA system delivers the time-tested performance of modified bitumen roof systems without the labor cost or health/safety hazards of hot asphalt, cold adhesive or torch welded products.

SmartFlash® ONE

SmartFlash ONE is a one-part seamless, durable liquid applied polyurethane bitumen flashing and repair resin for asphaltic roof systems.
SmartFlash ONE delivers one-part labor efficiency with two-part performance.
No primer or two-component mixing, contractors can work quickly without the product setting up and going to waste. Unused resin may be used on future projects. SmartFlash ONE is backed by up to 20 years of warranty coverage, in line with two-part solutions.


FlintBond SBS modified adhesive is a professional-grade, cold-applied adhesive formulated for use with SBS-modified bitumen roof systems as well as conventional built-up bituminous roof systems (BUR).


Self-adhered modified roofing systems are simple, cost-effective and customizable.

If you think a self-adhered modified roofing system is the best option for you, you’ll want to work with experienced, professional roofers. While self-adhered modified roofing systems are highly effective, that’s only true if they are installed correctly. Workmanship is always more critical than the materials that are used for the job. The team at Standard Roofing & Restoration has been working with self-adhered modified roofing systems for decades, and we can ensure that the roof we install will be long-lasting and leak-free. Get in touch with the experts today and schedule your free estimate!