Bay View property owners have many choices when it comes to hiring a gutter company, but only one offers unparalleled customer service and transparent pricing – Standard Roofing & Restoration. We are the Milwaukee area’s oldest and most trusted gutter company, with a century-long legacy of providing quality craftsmanship throughout the region. Based in Wauwatosa, Standard Roofing & Restoration specializes in both residential and commercial properties and offers a wide range of gutter solutions to fit any structure, style and price point.

When you need gutters, you need Standard Roofing & Restoration.

Why We Love Bay View

We are more than just a gutter company. We are a team of people whose families are rooted in the Milwaukee area. We love the community and are committed to it. That’s why when you hire us to repair or replace your gutters, you’re hiring people who care about you and your property.

And we care about Bay View. From the peaceful sunrises at South Shore Park to the vibrant hustle of the Bay View Bash festival, we bask in the local splendors of this incredible neighborhood. Our professional commitment remains clear: to fortify every home and business here with our unmatched gutter expertise.

Standard Roofing & Restoration Bay View Gutter Company Services

Our vast experience serving the Bay View community equips us to handle every project with personalized care, ensuring results that don’t just meet but consistently exceed expectations. Here are a few of our most common gutter services:

Gutter Repair: Seasonal changes, environmental factors, or age can render gutters vulnerable. Our gutter repair solutions are designed to breathe new life into your existing setup. Whether you’re grappling with leaks, loose fixtures, blockages, or rusted sections, our seasoned team swiftly pinpoints the issues. Armed with state-of-the-art tools and an eye for detail, we ensure your gutters resume their prime functionality, safeguarding your property from potential water damage.

Gutter Replacement: There are instances when repairs aren’t enough. In such cases, our experts meticulously evaluate the existing system, then offer insights tailored to your property’s needs and aesthetics. Leveraging top-tier materials and innovative techniques, we facilitate a seamless replacement process, enhancing the curb appeal and functionality of your property.

Gutter Installation: Every new structure deserves a gutter system that matches its architectural essence while ensuring optimal water diversion. Our installation process is thorough: from an initial assessment to understand the property’s needs to choosing from our diverse range of materials like durable aluminum, robust steel, or elegant copper. Precision, aesthetics, and efficiency are the keystones of our installation process.

Ice Dam Removal: Bay View’s winters can sometimes play havoc with the roofing and gutter systems. Ice dams, formed due to snow melting and refreezing, pose a risk as they can block gutters and cause water seepage. Our team is adept at ice dam removal, ensuring these formations are cleared without causing harm to the gutter or roof. Leveraging specialized equipment and adopting safety-first protocols, we ensure your gutters remain free-flowing throughout the seasons.

With each service, what remains consistent is our commitment to quality, integrity, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Trust in Standard Roofing & Restoration – where every gutter solution is a testament to expertise and dedication.

Let’s Get Started on Your Gutter Project

We invite Bay View property owners to reach out to us. Explore our extensive service options, secure a no-obligation estimate, and let’s construct a narrative of quality and trust. When you collaborate with us, you’re not just securing a service – you’re aligning with a legacy, a tradition that has, for years, adorned the Milwaukee metro region with integrity and excellence. So why wait? Contact us today.