Providing Professional Commercial Siding Installation Services in the Milwaukee Area

If you’re in the market for high-quality commercial siding installation and a reputable company to install it, you’ve found both with Standard Roofing & Restoration. Based in Milwaukee, our family-owned roofing company specializes in more than just roofs; we offer a range of products and services, from gutters and siding to shingles and skylights. We’re your one-stop shop for all things exterior. And with our focus on honesty and transparency, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Our client-first approach ensures we don’t just meet your expectations; we exceed them.

Why is Good Commercial Siding Important?

Commercial siding is the external cladding installed on the structure of a building. It serves not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal but also to protect the building from various environmental factors such as wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. More than a facade, commercial siding can be seen as a shield that safeguards your building and enhances its longevity. Quality siding is especially important in southeast Wisconsin, where we face the full force of all four seasons. You need siding that will stand up to all kinds of weather without losing its aesthetic appeal. Let our team at Standard Roofing & Restoration help you select the best siding for your commercial property and install it professionally to ensure a beautiful finish and a long lifespan.

The Evolution of Commercial Siding

In the early days, the choice of siding was limited to the materials locally available – hence the predominance of wood, clay, and stone. As communities developed, so did the methods of siding. Brick became popular in the 18th century due to its superior fire resistance and longevity, especially in urban areas. The industrial revolution brought forth new materials like asphalt and steel, which offered better durability and weather resistance, further expanding the possibilities for siding. The 20th century introduced us to vinyl and aluminum siding, known for their affordability, low maintenance, and wide range of colors. In the present day, we see the rise of sustainable and energy-efficient options like fiber-cement and composite sidings. These modern materials, engineered to mimic traditional styles while providing enhanced durability, reflect the industry’s ongoing evolution. As technology continues to advance, the future of siding promises even more choices tailored to various commercial and aesthetic needs.

The Array of Siding Choices

Property owners today are no longer limited to locally sourced materials. They have plenty of choices when it comes to commercial siding, including vinyl, metal, fiber cement, and composite sidings. Vinyl siding, for instance, is prized for its affordability and versatility, while metal siding is appreciated for its durability and strength. Fiber cement siding offers a balance of longevity and aesthetics, and composite siding provides unparalleled weather resistance.

At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we’re well-versed in all these options, allowing us to provide personalized advice based on your specific needs and expectations.

Our Approach to Commercial Siding Installation

No matter which siding you choose, it’s important to have it professionally installed. That’s because the installation process requires precision, skill, and a deep understanding of materials and techniques. That’s where we come in. At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we bring a wealth of experience and a rigorous approach to every project. From assessing your property and recommending the right type of siding to meticulously installing it and conducting thorough post-installation checks, we provide a comprehensive service designed to give you peace of mind. You can trust our dedicated staff to prioritize your satisfaction from start to finish.

Reach Out to the Experts for Your Commercial Needs

At Standard Roofing & Restoration, our team of committed professionals is ready to transform your commercial property with superior siding solutions that combine functionality and style. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote, and let us show you how our passion for quality and service makes all the difference. Let us be your go-to source for commercial siding installation, ensuring you get the highest return on your investment. We’re ready to make your vision a reality.