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What Exactly Is Commercial Gutter Installation?

Properly working gutters help maintain the structural integrity of your commercial property and keep your employees and assets safe and dry. Gutters control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation, and landscape. Commercial buildings, with their large roof surfaces, can accumulate significant amounts of water. Without proper gutters, this water can cause damage, resulting in costly repairs. Therefore, reliable and professionally installed gutters are not just an optional upgrade; they are a necessity for any commercial property owner.

Signs Your Commercial Property Needs Gutter Installation

Determining if your commercial property needs gutters means considering several factors related to the building’s design, location, and potential risks. Here are some signs that indicate your business may benefit from gutters:

Water Damage

If the exterior and interior of your building have signs of water damage, such as staining on walls or ceilings, peeling paint, or rotting wood you should consider our gutter installation services. Water damage can indicate that rainwater is not effectively directed away from the building’s foundation and walls, highlighting the need for gutters.

Erosion or Puddling

Check the area around your business for signs of soil erosion or standing water, particularly after rainfall. Erosion and puddling can occur when rainwater runoff is not managed properly, potentially leading to foundation issues or landscape damage.

Basement Leaks or Flooding

If your business has a basement or lower level, be vigilant for signs of leaks or flooding. Excess water around the foundation can seep into basements, leading to costly water damage and disruption to operations.

Landscape Damage

Examine the landscaping around your business for signs of erosion, soil washout, or damage to plants and shrubs. These issues may indicate that rainwater runoff is causing damage to the landscape due to a lack of proper drainage.

Ice Dams

Be aware of the potential for ice dam formation along the eaves of the roof during the winter. Ice dams can cause water backup and damage to the roof and interior of the building, highlighting the need for gutters and proper insulation and ventilation.

If you observe any of these signs or if you are unsure whether your business needs gutters, reach out to the experts at Standard. We are a company that can assess your property and provide recommendations based on its specific needs and characteristics, helping you protect your business from water damage and maintain a safe and functional environment.

Our Commercial Gutter Installation Process

The process for installing gutters on a building typically involves several steps to ensure that they are correctly installed and effectively channel rainwater away from the structure. By following these steps, we install the gutters on your building and ensure that the new system functions properly to protect the structure from water damage.


The first step of our process is to assess the existing gutter system and determine the scope of the installation project. This includes evaluating the condition of the gutters, measuring the length of the roof edges, and selecting the appropriate type and size of gutters for the building.

Material Selection

Next we work with you to determine the material for the new gutters based on factors such as durability, cost, and aesthetics. Common options include aluminum, vinyl, steel, and copper.

Removal of Old Gutters

Then we remove the old gutters from the building, taking care to properly dispose of them. This may involve detaching gutter sections from the roof edge and removing any debris or obstructions.

Preparation of Roof Edge

Next we prepare the roof edge for the installation of the new gutters by cleaning and inspecting it for any damage or issues that need to be addressed. This ensures a smooth and secure attachment of the new gutters.

Assembly and Installation

The next steps include gutter cutting and assembly, attaching the new gutters to the roof edge, installing downspouts, and sealing and caulking.


Once the installation is complete, we test the new gutter system by running water through it and checking for proper drainage and alignment.

Why Choose Standard for Your Commercial Gutter Installation Services?

Make the smart choice and secure your property’s future with a trusted provider of commercial gutter installation services. With Standard Roofing & Restoration, you can expect high-quality work, reliable service, and peace of mind. We place the utmost importance on honesty and integrity and are dedicated to providing you with an unmatched customer experience. Our mission is to be your go-to source for all your commercial gutter needs throughout the greater Milwaukee area.

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