Commercial Roof Restoration Services in the Wauwatosa Area

If you’re looking for reliable and high-quality commercial roof restoration services, look no further than Standard Roofing & Restoration. Founded in 1901, our company has been a cornerstone in the Milwaukee area roofing industry for generations. We are a team of dedicated and seasoned professionals committed to providing superior roofing solutions throughout the region. We prioritize excellence in our craft and customer service, ensuring that each client receives personalized, top-tier service from start to finish.

Our mission has always been clear – to deliver quality and reliable roofing services with the utmost integrity. We’ve built our reputation not just on words but on the concrete evidence of our work. From small businesses to large commercial properties, we’ve successfully transformed roofs, adding value, safety, and longevity to these establishments.

Roof restoration is pivotal for maintaining the durability and functionality of your commercial roof. Over time, all roofs experience the harsh impacts of elements like sun, rain, wind, and snow, which can lead to issues like leaks, cracks, and other structural damages. Regular restoration services not only address these issues proactively, but they also enhance your roof’s overall lifespan and performance. More importantly, they prevent minor issues from escalating into major, costly repairs, saving your business from unexpected expenses. By restoring your roof, you’re investing in the safety, efficiency and longevity of your commercial property.

Repair Vs. Restoration: Making an Informed Decision

To understand the true value of commercial roof restoration, it’s crucial to differentiate it from basic repair services. Roof repair involves addressing specific issues or damages, like patching a leak or replacing damaged shingles. In contrast, roof restoration is a comprehensive process that revives and extends the lifespan of your roof.

It starts with a thorough examination of your existing roofing system and the identification of potential issues. Based on this assessment, we then formulate a customized restoration plan, which could involve repairing damaged areas, replacing worn-out materials, and applying protective coatings for enhanced durability. The process also includes ensuring proper drainage and sealing all penetrations and seams to prevent leaks. This meticulous approach guarantees a restoration that enhances your roof’s performance, energy efficiency, and lifespan, while also significantly improving the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Roof Restoration?

Standard Roofing & Restoration takes pride in restoring a diverse range of commercial roofs, from flat and low-slope roofs to more complex systems. We use cutting-edge technology and industry-leading materials to deliver unmatched quality in every project. Our no-commission policy ensures that our suggestions are solely based on the best interests of your roof and your business.

We understand the investment you make in a commercial roof restoration and the impact it has on your business. That’s why we commit to a transparent process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our dedicated staff member assigned to your project ensures your experience is smooth, addressing all your queries and concerns promptly.

Your Commercial Roof Restoration is Just a Call Away

Transform your commercial roof with Standard Roofing & Restoration – the trusted choice in Wauwatosa for high-quality and reliable roofing services. Don’t let your roof become a liability. Let us help you maximize its lifespan and performance, contributing to your business’s safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you want to learn more about our commercial roof restoration process or get a free, no-obligation quote for your project, our team is ready to assist. Contact us today and take the first step towards a roof that serves your business for years to come. Our promise to you is a roofing solution that prioritizes quality, honesty, and your complete satisfaction.



At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we strive to make roof replacement stress-free. Our process is simple:

  • We conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of your roof
  • We provide a detailed report on its condition
  • We work with you to determine if replacement is necessary or if repairs can extend its life
  • We help you select the right products for your project

Our experienced staff is ready to assist you every step of the way. To schedule your free consultation, fill out the form below or call us at (262) 212-5853.

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