Whether you require new roof installations, roof repairs, or insulation services in Mequon, Standard Roofing & Restoration is here to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Mequon, a picturesque suburb nestled in Ozaukee County, is renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant community. Located against the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, Mequon offers a serene and peaceful environment for homeowners and business owners alike. As a roofing company that serves the Mequon area, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of this region, including its various architectural styles and weather patterns.

Insulation Services: Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Comfort

At Standard Roofing and Restoration, we recognize the importance of a well-insulated home or commercial building. Our insulation services are designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, and enhance overall comfort. We assess your roof and recommend the most suitable insulation solution based on your specific needs. Whether it’s attic insulation, wall insulation, or roof insulation, we utilize cutting-edge materials and techniques to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting results.

Roof Restoration: Preserving the Beauty and Integrity of Your Roof

Over time, from exposure to the elements, any roof will likely begin to show signs of wear. Our roof restoration services aim to revitalize your existing roof, extending its lifespan and preserving its aesthetic appeal. Our experienced roofers will conduct a thorough inspection to assess your roof’s overall condition and develop a customized restoration plan. From repairing damaged shingles and addressing leaks to restoring the roof’s protective coatings, we will diligently work to restore your roof’s integrity and protect your investment.

Sunroom Roofing: Enjoy Natural Light and Outdoor Views

If you’re thinking about a sunroom addition to your Mequon home, we offer expert sunroom roofing services to bring your vision to life. Our skilled team will collaborate closely with you to design and construct a sunroom that perfectly complements your home’s architecture and meets your unique requirements. Whether you’re looking for a design that is traditional or more contemporary, we will ensure seamless integration of the sunroom roofing, providing ample natural light and stunning views while maintaining the utmost durability and weather resistance.

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At Standard Roofing and Restoration, we take pride in delivering top-notch roofing, gutter, and siding solutions to homeowners and business owners in Mequon. Our contractors‘ dedication to excellence, combined with our attention to detail, sets us apart as a trusted roofing company in the area. Reach out to us today so our knowledgeable team can answer your questions and provide a free consultation to assess your roofing needs. Elevate your roofing experience with Standard Roofing and Restoration – your trusted partner for all your roofing requirements in Mequon and beyond.

Do I Need a New Roof Building Permit in Mequon?

The City of Mequon does not require a permit for a new roof, provided there are no structural changes involved in the project. However, be aware that any roof that involves the installation of two or more layers requires structural calculations that must be approved by the Architectural Board. Partnering with Standard Roofing & Restoration means these considerations are in good hands and will be coordinated on your behalf.

For more on building permit requirements, visit the City of Mequon website.

Where Are Our Roofs in Mequon?

At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we are proud of our Mequon roofing projects. Check them out for yourself:

9723 N. Valley Hill Dr.

Mequon, WI, 53092

10635 N Ivy Ct

Mequon, WI, 53092

10423 N Gazebo Hill Parkway East

Mequon, WI, 53092

12731 NE Shoreland Dr

Mequon, WI, 53092