Shiplap siding is a timeless favorite that offers a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality for your home or business. If you’re searching for a Milwaukee-area company with a wide selection of shiplap siding and the skills to expertly install it, look no further. Standard Roofing & Restoration of Wauwatosa has you covered.

Founded in 1901, we are the Milwaukee area’s oldest roofing company, providing a full spectrum of services beyond just the roof. We’re also your source for siding, gutters, skylights and more. As steadfast champions of quality, honesty, and customer satisfaction, we’re the optimal choice for all your shiplap siding needs.

What is Shiplap and Why Is it Called That?

The term “shiplap” originally comes from shipbuilding. Its design – with grooves cut into the top and bottom of the wood boards allowing them to fit together snugly – was once commonly used in the construction of ships. This type of joinery was ideal because it created a tight seal, helping to make the vessel watertight and seaworthy.

Renowned for its efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal, people eventually adopted the shiplap method in the construction of buildings. The name “shiplap” has stuck, and it refers to this particular style of wood paneling, whether used in shipbuilding, home construction, or interior design.

Is Shiplap Siding the Same Kind as Used Indoors on Walls?

Yes, the shiplap used for siding and interior wall decoration is fundamentally the same in terms of its construction. The primary difference lies in the treatment and purpose of the boards. For exterior use as siding, shiplap boards are often treated to withstand weather elements, resist decay, and sometimes to repel pests. They serve a protective as well as aesthetic function.

Interior shiplap, on the other hand, is primarily used for its aesthetic appeal to achieve a rustic or farmhouse-style look, as popularized by home design shows. While it does not require the same weather-resistant treatment as exterior shiplap, it may be painted or stained to achieve a desired effect.

Exploring Different Types of Shiplap Siding

Shiplap siding comes in a variety of materials like wood, vinyl, and fiber cement, each with its unique attributes. Wood shiplap siding adds warmth and a classic touch, while vinyl shiplap is a cost-effective option that requires minimal maintenance. For those wanting the best of both worlds, fiber cement shiplap provides the look of wood with the durability of cement. At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we offer an array of shiplap siding options to cater to your specific preferences and needs.

Our Approach to Shiplap Siding Installation

At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology in our shiplap siding installations. Our meticulous approach ensures that each shiplap board is perfectly aligned for a seamless finish. And our commitment to thoroughness and quality doesn’t stop at installation – we’re also there for ongoing maintenance, helping your shiplap siding look its best for years to come.

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