At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we understand that selecting the perfect roof type for your Wauwatosa home or business can be daunting. Enter the Jerkinhead Roof, a strong, appealing, and classic style of roof that has stood the test of time. Our roof artisans at Standard Roofing & Restoration are highly skilled with Jenkinhead roofs and deeply invested in delivering superior craftsmanship. The result? Your Jerkinhead roof is not just a structural necessity; it’s an architectural masterpiece that we treat with pride and passion.

What Does a Jerkinhead Roof Look Like?

A Jerkinhead roof can be thought of as a fusion between a gable roof and a hip roof. Imagine a standard gable roof, which is shaped like an inverted “V” when viewed from the front or back of the house. Now, instead of letting the “V” shape come to a sharp point at the top, visualize it as being cut off so that it’s flat on the top. This flattened top part gives the roof its distinctive hip-like appearance. That’s why it’s sometimes called a half-hip roof.

With its origins tracing back to traditional English and German architecture, the Jerkinhead Roof is a time-tested roofing style. It was particularly favored for its structural stability and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Today, this roof style enjoys renewed popularity, blending classic design elements with modern durability—a testament to its longevity and appeal.

One Roof Across Many Architectural Styles

The functional advantages and unique aesthetic appeal of the Jenkinhead roof make it a versatile choice that can be adapted to many modern designs. However, it’s most commonly associated with the following traditional architectural styles:

Cottages: Often found in English or European-style cottages, the Jerkinhead roof style adds an old-world charm while providing excellent weather resistance.

Craftsman Style: Craftsman homes, especially those built during the early 20th century in the United States, often featured these roofs, which complement the emphasis on workmanship and the use of natural materials characteristic of this style.

Bungalows: The Bungalow style, with its low-pitched roofs, broad eaves, and large porches, sometimes uses the Jerkinhead roof design. The design helps maintain the bungalow’s low profile while providing additional interior space.

Arts and Crafts: In this style, Jerkinhead roofs help maintain the horizontal lines of the structure while adding visual interest.

Tudors: Known for its steeply pitched roofs, the Tudor style also occasionally features Jerkinhead roofs, enhancing its distinctive, historic aesthetic.

The Versatile World of Jerkinhead Roofs

Jerkinhead roofs come in a variety of materials, each offering distinct advantages. From traditional wood shakes and asphalt shingles to modern metal and slate tiles, we can customize your roof to your aesthetic and functional needs. At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we are ready to transform your vision into a reality.

Quality Jerkinhead Roof Installation with Standard Roofing & Restoration

Compared to simpler roof styles like gable or hip roofs, Jerkinhead roofs are more complex to design and construct. They require skilled and experienced roofing professionals, like Standard Roofing & Restoration. We take great pride in our meticulous installation process. From the initial roof assessment to the final finishing touch, we stay fully committed to the task. Every Jerkinhead roof we install undergoes a strict quality control process to ensure superior workmanship. With our proactive communication, you’ll be informed and involved every step of the way, without any hidden costs or surprises.

Make the Right Choice: Standard Roofing & Restoration

When it comes to installing a Jerkinhead Roof, Standard Roofing & Restoration is your trusted partner in Wauwatosa. We approach each project with a commitment to deliver high-quality craftsmanship, honest pricing, and excellent customer service. Let us help you realize the perfect balance of form and function for your home or business with a Jerkinhead roof. Contact us today to discover more about our services or to request a free, no-obligation quote. Together, we can create a roof that will stand the test of time.