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Your Milwaukee-area home is your sanctuary. So it deserves a strong roof to protect your space, your family, your furnishings, and your mementos from the ravages of Mother Nature. 

That’s why when it’s time to hire a residential roofing contractor, it’s crucial to select a professional, competent, and communicative company that puts your best interests at heart. You need a contractor who cares about your roof – and its ability to protect your family – as much as you do. 

Sadly, not all roofing contractors operate with integrity. One bad hire can lead to shoddy workmanship, unexpected costs, and potential damage to your home. At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we’ve seen the aftermath of these botched jobs, and we want to help you avoid them with some friendly advice.

Choose Your Milwaukee Residential Roofing Contractor With Our Help 

Of course, we would love to count you among clients, but we understand you have many options. Our goal is to give you guidance to make the right choice whether that leads you to Standard Roofing & Restoration or not. 

No matter who you choose, there are four essential things you should insist upon when seeking a reliable Milwaukee residential roofing contractor: 

  • License and insurance
  • Local Reputation
  • Clear Communication
  • Warranty on Workmanship

We will go into each one of these things below so that you can confidentially select the right roofing contractor for your next project – be it roof restoration, roof replacement, or roof repair

Proper Roofing Licenses and Insurance

Licensed contractors signify that they’ve met the state’s criteria for providing roofing services, ensuring they know their craft. Additionally, having appropriate insurance means that in the unfortunate event of an accident during the project, you won’t be held liable. Verifying these claims is essential to avoid potential legal and financial pitfalls. Here how:

  • Ask for Proof: Always request to see physical copies of the contractor’s license and insurance. A reputable contractor will have these documents on hand and will not hesitate to show them to potential clients.
  • State Licensing Board: Every state has a licensing board or a related department that oversees professional licenses. You can check the validity of a contractor’s license by contacting your state’s licensing board or checking their online database. For Wisconsin, you can visit the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services’ website.
  • Insurance Verification: When you’re shown an insurance certificate, don’t just take it at face value. Call the insurance company directly to confirm the policy’s validity. Ensure that the policy covers both liability insurance (in case your property is damaged) and workers’ compensation insurance (in case a worker is injured on your property).

Local Reputation

We’ve all heard horror stories about fly-by-night contractors who perform subpar work and vanish. To avoid this, always opt for a local contractor with an established reputation in the Milwaukee area. Here’s how to verify their reputation:

  • Look for online reviews: Many businesses have Facebook pages where people can leave comments and reviews. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau or on websites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angi (formerly Angie’s List).
  • Ask for references: Ask the contractor for references from past clients, especially those from recent projects. Reputable contractors will happily provide these. When contacting references, you can ask about the contractor’s professionalism, the quality of the work, and whether they presented valid licenses and insurance.
  • Beware of red flags: Be wary of contractors who don’t have any local business address or have a history of changing their business name. Also, beware of those who pressure you to decide quickly, offer “today only” discounts, or only accept cash payments.

Clear Communication 

Effective communication is key in any business relationship. A reputable contractor will provide you with clear, written estimates, keep you informed of progress, answer your questions, and ensure that you understand all aspects of the project. If a contractor dodges your questions, provides vague answers, or avoids written documentation, consider it a red flag.

Warranty on Workmanship

Roofing isn’t just about slapping some shingles on top of your home. It’s an intricate job that requires skill, precision, and care. That’s why it’s vital to choose a contractor that offers a warranty on their workmanship. This warranty assures that if something goes awry due to the contractor’s error, they’ll fix it at no extra cost to you.

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With the tips above, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision and pick a Milwaukee residential roofing contractor who will stand by your side. If you think that contractor might be Standard Roofing & Restoration, we would love to take your call. Reach out to us today for a free estimate and more information. We’re here to help.