Decades of sun, rain, snow and temperature extremes eventually break down even the most durable roofs. Unfortunately, too many homeowners don’t notice the signs of a distressed roof until cracks form or water leaks through the ceiling. By that point, you may already have a bigger problem on your hands. Fortunately, the experts at Standard Roofing & Restoration have seen it all, and we have the know-how and resources to get your home back into shape.


red siding on house with brown roof

Ideally, you’ll want to catch the signs of a roof in need of repair as early as possible, and there are a few telltale signs that it’s time to call Standard Roofing & Restoration. Here are a few things to look out for: 

  • Your shingles are curled, broken, torn apart, or missing altogether
  • Your roof is allowing leaking into your home, creating warped spots in your ceiling
  • The flashing on your roof is damaged
  • There are stains or streaks along the home’s exterior walls
  • There are signs of moss growth or excessive mold on the roof’s surface
  • Your energy bills are unexpectedly rising 
  • You can see daylight through the roof boards 
  • An excessive amount of roof granules detach during a storm, even clogging gutters 
  • You notice darker spots on the roof 

Oftentimes, if you notice a few of these signs, a total roof replacement will likely be more economical than re-roofing. A brand new roof will not only last throughout the duration of your stay in your home, it can immediately increase your home’s value once you decide to sell.


We believe the roof replacement process shouldn’t be difficult. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of your roof and provide a detailed report on its condition. We’ll then work with you to decide if replacement is necessary, or if we can make repairs to extend the life of your roof. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff is here to help you choose the right products that meet the needs and vision of your project. Get in contact with us today!

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