Looking for top-quality vertical panel siding material and installation in Wauwatosa? Look no further than Standard Roofing & Restoration. As the Wauwatosa area’s most trusted roofing company, we bring expertise and dedication to all your roofing and exterior needs, making us the go-to source for homeowners and business owners alike. Discover the benefits of vertical panel siding, explore the different types available, and learn why our professional installation services set us apart.

The Popularity of Vertical Panel Siding is on the Rise

While traditional horizontal siding has been a common choice for many years, vertical siding is gaining traction among homeowners and architects alike for its modern and contemporary aesthetic, adding a unique visual appeal to buildings. This siding style breaks away from conventional lines and creates a sense of height and sophistication. It offers a fresh and updated look that appeals to those seeking a distinctive and eye-catching exterior for their homes or commercial properties. Additionally, vertical siding provides versatility in design possibilities, allowing for creative combinations and customization. The growing interest in vertical siding is also driven by the availability of various materials, finishes, and color options, enabling property owners to achieve their desired style and architectural vision – whether that’s a modern and contemporary look or a traditional, Scandinavian or even farmhouse look.

Why Choose Vertical Panel Siding?

Vertical panel siding is an excellent choice for enhancing the appearance and durability of your property. Vertical panels create a unique visual appeal that can instantly transform the look of your home or business. Additionally, they offer exceptional weather resistance, protecting your property from rain, wind, and other environmental elements.

Explore the Types of Vertical Panel Siding

At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we offer a wide range of vertical panel siding options to suit your preferences and requirements. Our selection includes:

Vinyl Vertical Panels: Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, vinyl siding is highly resistant to moisture, heat, and UV rays, making it a durable and weather-resistant option for any climate. And it’s available in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures.

Fiber Cement Vertical Panels: Known for their exceptional durability, fiber cement vertical panels provide long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions. With a variety of textures and finishes available, you can achieve the perfect look for your property.

Metal Vertical Panels: If you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary appearance, metal vertical panels are an excellent choice. These panels offer exceptional strength and are available in a range of colors and profiles, allowing for customization to match your style.

Wood Vertical Panels: For those seeking a classic and timeless aesthetic, wood vertical panels provide a natural and warm appeal. Our high-quality wood siding options are sourced sustainably and can be treated for added protection against rot and pests.

Board and Batten: For those seeking a rustic, farmhouse look, this type of style features alternating wide and narrow vertical panels made in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl and fiber cement.

Professional Vertical Panel Installation

When it comes to installing vertical panel siding, you need a team you can trust. At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we have the expertise and experience to handle your vertical panel siding project with precision and care. Our skilled professionals are trained in the latest installation techniques and use only the highest-quality materials to ensure flawless results.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, our dedicated staff will guide you through each step, answering any questions and addressing your concerns along the way. We prioritize customer service and take pride in our transparent and honest approach. Unlike other roofing companies, we do not work on commission, so you can trust that our recommendations are based solely on your roofing needs.

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