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A home’s siding does more than just protect it from the elements; it sets the tone and character of the entire residence. The right siding can transform a house into a welcoming and elegant home, reflecting the personality and preferences of its owners.

Perhaps you find warmth and comfort within the walls of your Milwaukee-area house but feel uninspired by its exterior. Having siding installed by an expert contractor may well be the final touch your house needs to become your dream home.

Here at Standard Roofing & Restoration we do more than just roofs; we are a full-service exterior company that specializes in siding. Our contractors can help you choose siding that aligns with your vision and budget and install it with unparalleled precision and care, bringing your dream home to life.

Here are five ways our Milwaukee siding contractors can transform your home:

Selecting the Right Siding Material

Every home has a unique character, and the material you choose for your siding should complement it. Whether it’s robust and durable vinyl, eco-friendly and elegant wood, or modern and sleek fiber cement, we guide you through the options to find the one that best suits your home and makes the statement you desire. 

For example, vinyl siding is incredibly versatile, cost-effective, and low maintenance, making it a popular choice for a variety of home styles, especially suburban and contemporary homes. It comes in a wide range of colors and textures, some even mimicking wood grain, to suit a broad spectrum of architectural designs. Whereas fiber cement siding like Hardie Board, is popular on modern and farmhouse-style homes. Known for its durability and resistance to the element, it can be manufactured to mimic the appearance of wood, brick, or stone, providing a modern, sleek appearance while maintaining resilience. 

Choosing the Perfect Color and Shade

Color is a critical element in home design and can significantly impact the perception and aesthetic of a house. Different colors and shades can accentuate or diminish the architectural features of a home and can also create illusions regarding the size of the structure. 

Trending colors like cool grays, warm blues, and timeless whites can bring out your home’s unique charm and character. While a neutral beige might suit a minimalist, modern design, a bold red could emphasize a more traditional home. We help you navigate through the color palettes and shades, ensuring the choice reflects the style and essence of your home.

Deciding on Siding Orientation and Accents

The orientation of siding can significantly influence a home’s appearance and aesthetic, and typically, different styles of homes will employ either vertical or horizontal siding, or sometimes a combination of both, based on the design goals and architectural influences.

Vertical siding is often chosen for its ability to draw the eye upwards, creating an impression of size and scale, commonly seen in commercial and industrial architecture. It’s common in barn-style homes, carriage houses, as well as many modern and contemporary homes. Horizontal siding, meanwhile, suits the cozy and informal aesthetic of cottages and farmhouses, often employing wood or fiber cement siding painted in soft, warm tones. 

Some homes, especially those with eclectic or innovative designs, may combine vertical and horizontal siding to create visual interest, play with proportions, or highlight specific architectural features. For example, a house might have horizontal siding on the main body and vertical siding on the gables or in accent areas.

Expertly Installing the Selected Siding

Our skilled contractors ensure that the chosen siding is installed flawlessly, providing not just aesthetic appeal but also offering optimum protection, as quality siding should. We adhere to the highest standards of workmanship, ensuring longevity and durability, safeguarding your home against the Wisconsin elements.

Maintaining Open Communication

We prioritize transparent and consistent communication throughout the entire process. Every step, every decision, is made in close collaboration with you, ensuring your visions are heard, respected, and implemented, guaranteeing the end result is exactly as you envisioned.

Let’s Us Be Your Milwaukee Siding Contractors

A dream home is a reflection of one’s aspirations, tastes, and personality, and the right siding is pivotal in bringing this vision to life. At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we are committed to transforming houses into dream homes throughout the Milwaukee metro area. Let’s create something beautiful together, combining your dreams and our expertise. Contact us for a free quote and let us be your Milwaukee siding contractors.