Are you seeking to upgrade your home’s or business’ exterior? Then you’ll want to explore the unparalleled durability and eye-catching aesthetics of fiber cement siding. A top choice among many of our clients, fiber cement siding is revered for its strength and versatility. And we at Standard Roofing & Restoration are proud to offer a wide selection of siding and professional installation services throughout the greater Milwaukee area.

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What Exactly Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding was invented in the late 19th century and patented by an Austrian industrialist named Ludwig Hatschek in 1901. Hatschek discovered that when he mixed cement and asbestos fibers and added water, he could create a flexible product that could be pressed onto a sheet. This product, originally called Eternit, which means “everlasting”, quickly gained popularity for its durability and fire resistance.

Due to the health risks associated with asbestos, though, manufacturers switched to using cellulose fibers in the 1980s. Modern fiber cement has maintained much of the durability and versatility of the original asbestos-cement product but without the associated health risks.

Today, this type of siding is revered for its strength and durability, emulating the beauty of traditional wood without the susceptibility to decay, fire, and insects. In fact, this type of siding can be crafted to emulate a variety of other materials beyond just wood – including stucco and even shake.

The Evolution of Fiber Cement Siding

Over the years, fiber cement siding has carved its path from obscurity to become a mainstream choice for siding, thanks to its unmatched durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Initially, it was a material praised for its practical benefits – being fireproof and robust against decay. However, as architectural trends evolved, so did the appeal of this type of siding. Today, it is the material of choice for those desiring a blend of classic appeal and modern durability.

Diverse Fiber Cement Siding Options

At Standard Roofing & Restoration, we offer a wide range of fiber cement siding options to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and architectural styles. From smooth to textured finishes, and an extensive color palette, you can customize the appearance of your home or business to match your vision perfectly. Whether you seek a traditional wood grain appearance or a more contemporary design, our fiber cement siding variety caters to all your needs.

Siding Installation at Its Best

Our dedication to exceptional service and workmanship shines through in our siding installation process. We take pride in our work and maintain a strict adherence to quality, ensuring every job is performed with the utmost precision. We don’t skimp or cut corners, and we maintain open lines of communication throughout the project. Trust us to transform your property with siding that not only elevates its aesthetics but also increases its resilience against harsh weather conditions.

Get in Touch for Your Cement Siding Needs

Embrace the future of home exteriors today with fiber cement siding from Standard Roofing & Restoration. We assure you of a service experience that’s built on trust, honesty, and high standards. We invite you to reach out to us, and a dedicated team member will assist you in understanding more about this outstanding service. Interested in a free estimate? Let us evaluate your siding needs and provide a tailored, no-obligation quote. Let’s transform your property together, and let Standard Roofing & Restoration help you make a statement with stunning siding.